Lets Work Together
We encourage our customer's to specifically explain their vehicle's problems. Like a doctor, we need to hear all the symptoms in order to make an accurate diagnosis.  By working together we can help you avoid multiple trips to a repair shop and having to leave your car longer than necessary.  

Occasionally, your vehicle may have a computer-related, intermittant problem. With all the 'specifics' it may not be possible to find the problem without the vehicle 'acting up'. When that is the case, we'll work with you until we solve the issue.

Not everyone knows that Pro Pacific is a small bus & passenger van specialist. We keep several schools, preschools, adult day-care and community support organizations on the road. We have many cusomers who depend on us to keep them mobile by servicing their lifts and keeping assistive devices in smooth working order.

iATN - International Automotive Technicians' Network